Can I speed up and slow down the tempo for the sounds?

Can I speed up and slow down the tempo for the sounds?


Double post???

No, I asked something else :frowning:

But this is the same I believe


Decibel and tempo are two different things.

I know the difference :slight_smile: As for changing the speed of a song I believe there is no way to achieve that in Kodular or MIT App Inventor

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You can use this extension to play music and change the speed of the music :point_down:

You get the player this way



Forgot about that …:slight_smile:

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I’m a musician and I was looking for + - like with an organ and I wanted no distortion in the sound. I guess I should be thankful I found it. and thank you. but how to donwload? is this a plugin? how do i set it up? thank you

You will have to download it from the post and import it in your project




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I installed it thanks. I set everything up with normal player. should I replace them all with PLY now? I just need speed to home page. Is there an easy way :frowning:

Yes if you want to implement the speed control option

you to make list area 7 ?
sorry i started Kodular yesterday :frowning:

I use an app with standard player and I just want to get speed from PLAY to my homepage.


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Not sure but maybe don’t even need that. A web view may work fine with html5 tags, and html5 allow change the speed of audio and video. Never tested it but depending on the project is worth to try


I envy you so much, how knowledgeable you are. Thank you so much. I got a solution from you for 2 problems. it’s just up to me to do the same like a jigsaw puzzle. I’m a bit of a fool, but I’ll get it done tonight.

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I did everything (I think) but I can’t see it on the homepage. I just wanted to see the pace car

You have to attach the initialize block where when you have to start the music for example in an event when button click ,etc.

In path you have to give the source of the music like its path or url

Also leave thumbnail, subtitle, subtitlelang fields empty

Here is small example :point_down:


You can also attach variable in path which contains url of the music if calling url from any database

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I want it to rule all players. I don’t know what to write on the path
I have uploaded the audio files. now will I show them the way one by one and how?
Also I can’t see the speed image on my homepage.


If you want to load the files from assets you can follow this procedure :point_down:




Here you just have to write music file name of the file you uploaded in assets :point_up_2: