How to fast and slow sound with button + -

how to fast and slow sound with button + - ı have ritm box apk.


can you help me?

@bluegarden Here i have made an App Please try this if this is what you want then i will share its aia file

:file_folder:Music Player.akp

Note :- for best results use it on physical smart phone not on emulator

Here is app Ui Screen Shot

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I tried apk, thank you.but I couldn’t see a function related to tempo (bpm) here.

Can you help me with this? I’m very newbie and I want to speed up and slow down the tempo (bpm). Have a + - button at the bottom of the main page but it should dominate all my standard players.

means you want to reduce the tempo are you making a music editor app ???

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I’m making a rhythm box. similar org

ı need this

ok i got it let me check that

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@bluegarden i think this will help you

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