Can I turn from Realtime db to Cloud Firestore?

Hello great koduers, I have created a simple Chat room app using Realtime Firebase component found in our platform, and this simple app is working fine and simple to use but from my a lot of researching how I can improve it and run faster I then realized that Cloud Firestore is best than Realtime Firebase, then I wanted to turn from Realtime db to Firestore db.

So, from my searching I found an aix named Firestore which created by @Jarlissonlira2
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Then I tried to follow all instruction and guidance of the extension developer, but there some error I get from the startup.

I then tried to ask on the respective post and my query was on how I can solve some errors just on the same topic which found in MIT App Inventor but one of the stuffs at the MIT Inventor Deleted my post anyway I can’t mention the name of that man here so let it go. :sleepy:

But please may I get the help from this platform which is my favorite one.

I have tried using this extension but with some simple blocks at the beginning I am getting this error
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and this is how I have set from the blocks from my end
blocks (5)

Kindly I need an advance help and I will real appreciate for that.

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Unfortunately it seems that the developer has abandoned this extension and he is not active in community. I recall that this error was reported by other users also with no solution provided and that is the reason that topic was unlisted from community

It should be possible to replicate all the extension blocks through the web component (and/or the webviewer) in order to get the same results with Firestore. I have not yet had time to generate a guide on exactly how to do this, but I may find some time over the next few weeks. It is on my list.

Oooh, this is very sad

is that possible? anyway find your time to provide a guide

I also recommend that you read this (if you haven’t already) to help you decide if you really need to move over to firestore…

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I already read before creating my topic but you can see the best of firestore than the Realtime Database such as down here
|Realtime Database|
|Offline support for Apple Android clients.

Cloud Firestore|
Offline support for Apple, Android, and web clients.

So I think I should use Firestone since it has a supper speed in reading data and you know any user down’t like the app which runs slow

Maybe you could tell me what was your implication

You would probably need to build up your app/s in Android Studio / Swift-XCode / Javascript-Node in order to benefit from the offline and other speed features.

We can get access to Firestore using the REST api for Kodular/AI2, and possibly some features using the Web/Javascript approach but this will not provide all the features that firestore brings to an android app.

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Well I know Swift code with its Xcode I learnt when I was at school but not Androidt Studio though I have a scant idea on it but I haven’t dedecated my time to both of them.

so can you show how we can use the Firestore with her REST API so that I can turn from realtime to Firestore because my app now is getting more downloads and I don’t real like realtime since it will cost me a lot by bitting big for me which I will not be able to chew.

You can start here:

Use the Cloud Firestore REST API | Firebase Documentation

Cloud Firestore API | Firebase

I am still a way away from producing a guide…

Now you can :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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is this a real working firestore Database or something else because I have been looking for how can run from realTime Firebase to Cloud Firestore but I didn’t find any working extenssion.

so @MyShip is this aix working?

Absolutely, if you purchased, I can provide you support as well :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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My guide on firestore is now completed and published:

Hopefully you will find something of use there.


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