Can I turn the camera on, but not take a picture?

I have been using Kodular for oh … a good hour now - but I am familiar with ai2, so I have some experience with drag & drop blocks. (I just wanted something better)

I am making a game where the player needs to sees what is in front of them. I need the camera to turn on and stay on, but not take a picture (the non-selfie camera)
Is that possible?

I see the options for the camera, but nothing that reads just activate camera - any hints?

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Have you used this component? :arrow_heading_down:


It is under layout option in the Palette
Using this you can start a live preview of the camera (BACK or FRONT) without taking pictures.


Ahhh! Thank you.
I was using camera. Yes, this will work so much better. Thank you.

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Before I start pulling out hair … will the surface view work while using the companion? Or will it just show a black screen until I actually download and install the app?
Thank you.

It will work as well
Even all components work on Companion (just some of them like Push Notifications or Firebase Authentication don’t work as they require specific credentials per each app)

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