Can I turn the camera on, but not take a picture?

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I have been using Kodular for oh … a good hour now - but I am familiar with ai2, so I have some experience with drag & drop blocks. (I just wanted something better)

I am making a game where the player needs to sees what is in front of them. I need the camera to turn on and stay on, but not take a picture (the non-selfie camera)
Is that possible?

I see the options for the camera, but nothing that reads just activate camera - any hints?

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Have you used this component? :arrow_heading_down:


It is under layout option in the Palette
Using this you can start a live preview of the camera (BACK or FRONT) without taking pictures.


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Ahhh! Thank you.
I was using camera. Yes, this will work so much better. Thank you.

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Before I start pulling out hair … will the surface view work while using the companion? Or will it just show a black screen until I actually download and install the app?
Thank you.


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It will work as well
Even all components work on Companion (just some of them like Push Notifications or Firebase Authentication don’t work as they require specific credentials per each app)

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