Can i use 30 screens in one app?if i do then what would be

hello friends i want to make an app which will contain at least 30 screens if i dont do like this then my app will be very complicated bcz here we would have to use many layouts in 2 or 3 screens .please expert give me idea

30 screens is asking for trouble. No app needs 30 screens. What is your app about?

I use arrangements as virtual screens. The app is more efficient and runs smoothly and fast.

Make a plan on paper as well and stay strictly organized. Write down problems and deficiencies and work through them strictly according to plan. Don’t drift too far, stick to the first idea.

Organization is half the process of app development


Ive got an app with something like 20 screens. Companion falls over but the app is fine. If that helps

The use of virtual screens improves a lot the performance of the application.
It is the best solution.

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virtual screen means layout

my app is educational app .i need more screens for that .if i use layout then it would be very complicated.please tell me what is the issue if i use 30 screens

I also created a app with like 35 screens but they work just fine. Just modular creator takes too much time to load.

I shared my experience, results may vary

modular creator means?

It is Kodular

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Yeah it’s kodular, it happen er due to keyboard correction as i was using community in my smartphone.

As peter said 30 screens causes unecessary issues. Could be crashes and slows. You can do whatever you need to do with layouts.
Also check this: What are the benefits of using single screen and not multiple screen

Its all about keeping your work organised. 30 screens can be 15 screens with two layouts each. Or 5 screens with 6 layouts each and so on. Just organise your blocks well and name your components consistently and it should be fine.

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