Can i use facebook ads with Admob ads ?at same time

i want to use both adnetwork at same time mean if admob ads not loaded /show then i want to show facebook ads.
{{ pls anyone reply with block arrangement how can i use this ?}}}

and my second question is— can i use facebook banner & admob interstitial at same screen (is this safe ?)

i am working on makeroid so do not suggest meditation Sdk.

thanks:- i am waiting your answer

It sounds like a earning App what is not allowed. But for your question, you can test it by yourself.


this is not a earning app. This is Loan App(genuine app)

Your users will be gone quickly if you add to many ads.


don’t use many ads another your users of app will be dislike the ad and you can be use both ads in 1 app i also use but 1 screen 1 ad

Thank You

i not want to use 2 banner/interstitial ads in one screen.

i want to load both ads(google/facebook) but i want show only ONE of them Randomly.(mean if google ads not filled ads then show facebook ads)

so how i set blocks for this?

so use 1 banner and 1 industrial ad

i want to say that–

lets take to screen A&B.

i want to show when use go in B screen then he see Admob ads.
if he go back and come again on B then he see Facebook ads.

its mean i want to use admob&facebook ads Randomly (at one time only one ad show)

i have a Genuine app(not earning app) .

I load ads on home screen and i want to show them when i click on Button(for go to next screen). i do this but​:cry: Screen Maybe Overlaped and Ads not show.
if i add Ads when new screen initialize then ads show.

i want to show ads before screen initialize (Mean i not want to load ads when new screen initialize)

Now, Maybe You think -why i want to do this

i want to do this because - Google Ads policy say , you can not show ads after screen load ,its mean you interupt your when he reading something, so Developers place Ads before Screen fully initialize/opening .

So i want to add Ads on BUTTON and want to show ads before screen open (((when i do this Ads not show)))

:-help me

I placed this in your original topic because the questions are related.

no sir, (that you move now) this is about Makeroid Bug.

yes you can be show the ads

yes,i know i can do this

you can check this( i think this is BUG of screen overlapping on interstitial Ads)

i show after 1 hour i work on my new app right now

Can someone give me blocks for same?

What have you tried so far?

normal admob and facebook interstitsial ads

Show your blocks.