Can i use google logo for google sign in button

My last application was suspended because i had used a logo which was simililar to whatsapp thats why now I am now I have littlebit fear in my mind
i am using google sing in method in my new application so can i use btn_google_signin_dark_pressed_web
this image to sign in button?
i already searched this quetion but didnt found similar topic in community thats why i am asking here

Yes you can i also used this logo and nothing is being suspended go on.

Most apps using this don’t be afraid . You can use this logo

Type this in privacy policy and in terms and conditions
©2020 Google LLC All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

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You can find Google’s logo policies here:

You should specifically check out the Google G section.

EDIT: it seems the Sign in with Google button has its own guidelines:

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