Can i use normal java language knowledge for making extensions

hi koders
i hve a question : can i use normal java language knowledge for making extensions
if yes then how to export and if i code in vs code how to make it into a aix file?

Yes, with a difference, you need to add annotations.


The App inventor annotations

Extensions are coded using java, you can use the Android packages as well in addition to external libraries, so knowledge of java and how Android works is enough to start creating extensions,. In app Inventor extensions you have additional annotations ( for creating methods, properties, and adding elements to the Manifest, etc… ) and helper classes as well, such as the runtime classes. Which aren’t available in Android or java packages, but in the app Inventor Sources. There are also some limitations such as that you can’t use resources, not all of the Android manifest elements are supported as annotations, and that the views can only be created dynamically, and not using XML, as you can do on Android studio.

After you create the Extension’s java file, save it to the extension directory, so you can run ant extensions in the appinventor-sources/appinventor directory if you are using the app Inventor Sources, or the Extension Template directory if you are using the extension template, you find more info here and here

You can use Visual Studio Code for coding the Extension’s source, then save it as java file in your extension directory, then build the extension using the ant extensions command as described in the link above.

P.S: you can use the app Inventor community for discussion about extensions, since extensions are created using the app Inventor Sources and not kodular’s, also the kodular community is for discussion about kodular :smiley:


if you think the method is big then use


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