Can kodular support like this social networking app?

Hello can c.kodular supported to create this app ?
its social networking

WDYM? This just makes no sense at all. Please be more specified. Thx.


would you like to explain?
before posting anything be sure that what you are typing.

For who is this?

what do you mean by this?

Wow it was a big misunderstanding

He should reply to @AppsKashi but not to the whole topic. @nikzdreamer2001

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From next time i’ll take care about it.

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Ya you can make such Apps… It required more efforts & Time…
But if you give your best then such app is possible…

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A bit Off-topic:

Yes, then everything is possible. Just fact that everyone is lazy.

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Yes you can make this type of app with kodular and powerful backend but again don’t ask for how its all depends upon you

I told can c.kodular can create app social networking its understandable…

I am working on similar project, Social media or social wall app like facebook/Instagram, I have done considerable amount of work.
I you or anyone in the Community is interested, can work with me to make it more efficient app with ease.

I was able to achieve this, and I am still working on it. I want to make a social wall app to a particular nich where users can post and discuss questions and topics related to the nich.
I want to add more features like friend requests, Badages, notification system, pm chat etc Similar to Facebook.


Thank you. I didn’t knew the rigt keywords.

To whom are you referring?

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To me. it’s ok. I am sorry for hijacking your topic.

You are all funny!
All what Appskashi did was to post 2 times nearly the same sentence.
And you make a whole Chat from this.
Why not just ignore such posts till the author is willing to give some more informations, what he tried and where he searched and so on? It’s up to him and not to you with your cristall balls.
How will newbies learn this way?