Can Makeroid be a permanent alternative to Android Studio?

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I am a 14 year old boy learning to develop apps by App Inventors like - Makeroid ,Thunkable and Android studio.I want app development as an important part of my career , So for this I just want to know that About most of the apps developed and launched at the Google Play Store by which platform they are made?? I know that dynamic apps can be made with App Inventors as per my knowledge till date it is not fully dynamic. And when it comes in matter of making games app inventors are not independent and in our apps I may have to use webviewer contents so will have to use unity.
Coming to a conclusion I need suggestion that which kind of apps shall be Made with App Inventors,
Android Studio and Google App Maker . And about unity I know it’s for gaming apps.

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You can now create almost any kind of app with Makeroid. Though it don’t have all the features like Android Studio but developers are working hard day and night to make Makeroid a very good platform to make apps without having any special knowledge of coding.

And about Unity, as per my knowledge, it is a well known game engine used by a lot of people to develop mind blowing 2D/3D games.

So, which platform you should use depends on what you are developing, why you are developing and for what you are developing. :wink:


First, sorry for long text but it is important for me. :thinking:

My thoughts about “Can Makeroid be a permanent alternative to Android Studio?”:
You can use AI2 distributions, such as a Makeroid at any time. Even if you know Android Studio. The Makeroid gives me everything I need to do an application. I don’t need a lot of features which I won’t use. Most people think that things with Blockly coding are childish, but I think it’s wrong. I think this could be the beginning of a new kind of coding.

Even if I know Java or Kotlin, I still use the Makeroid. When I really think about it, “Why should I use Android Studio?” Because I don’t need it. Most features are not available on the Makeroid. However, I try to make great applications with the features that exist.

Even if the makeroid provides you with few features, you can still discover something that no one has done before. (with a logic)

Also, some people saying “Makeroid is for just beginning/training platform to make applications.” But it is wrong! Maybe I will use the Makeroid forever. So Makeroid can be a permanent alternative to Android Studio.

Trust me, When I knew Java/Kotlin, I would use the same code and same design as I did on the Makeroid again.

I believe Makeroid will become like Android Studio.

I hope this explains why people should use Makeroid.


I really appreciate your answer

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Maybe i won’t have so much ‘likes’ like the others but whatever:) let’s be serious…
It depends what are you trying to achieve.
For simple applications - it’s very good alternative.
For simple games - probably too.
If you want to design VERY COMPLEX games/applications then unity is better - for now. It has no 20MB limit because you compile your app online with makeroid (yes, i know there are workarounds), it has lots of things “out of the box” for which you’d have to make “workarounds” in makeroid to make it work, like physics etc. From unity you are able to export to many platforms. Last but not least - it has HUGE community and lots of documentation/tutorials etc.
But from the other side:
unity requires much stronger machine to run,
learning curve - you are able to make your first android apps in makeroid after few minutes/hours of learning. in unity you need MUCH more time,
testing apps with makeroid companion is a pleasure.

To summarize: makeroid (and others like) are GREAT TOOLS. It requires from you minimum technical knowledge, no configuration needed at all, you don’t have to have strong machine. You can build any application you want (but not a very complicated game). But not everything is achievable - until someone makes extension for it.


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