Can not export apk - stuck at compiling source files

Hello friends…

Im here again to ask for your help about exporting my project…

I already cheked the package name as what ive read in other discussions.
I think its about the extension… But the only extension ive ever used is the Countdown Timer.
I want to know if there’s any other way to pull this one…

Let me know if you also want to help me with my projects… I want to know your opinions and suggestion. It would be really appreciated. Thank you.

Please be more specific, you can not export project or what …?

I cannot export my propject…

…and the error is … ?

Kodular is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was
________Preparing application icon
________Creating animation xml
________Creating fragment xml
________Creating listview xml in res/layout/…
________Creating listview xml in res/layout-v21/…
________Creating xml in res/drawable/…
________Creating splash png in res/drawable/…
________Creating colors xml
________Creating styles xml
________Creating drawables xml v21
________Checking for firebase
________Creating provider_path xml
________Creating network_security_config xml
________Generating adaptive icon file
________Generating round adaptive icon file
________Generating adaptive icon background file
________Generating manifest file
________Attaching native libraries
________Attaching Android Archive (AAR) libraries
________Attaching component assets
________Invoking AAPT
AAPT time: 1.595 seconds
________Compiling source files

Either you have a project within a project or you have to many assets…If you wish post your aia here or pm me to check it

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thank you so much… ill dm you right away

As I said problem was project within a project. Solved via pm


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