Can not install app on any mobile

I create a app but it not install on any device, always shows that there Was a problem while parsing the package. Please tell me how can I solve this problem.

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What is your MinAPI?

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That is a common error sometimes.
Here are some possible solutions:

  • Restart phone
  • Regenerate apk and install it
  • Change min api level
  • Change package name
  • Install on a other phone

Api issue. Please check it…

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Minimum 16 maximum 28

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Minimum API 22

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And what is the android version of the phone you tried to install the app on?

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I changed minimum api to 16 but face same issue. I tried to install it on redmi 4 (android 7.1) and Redmi note 7 pro (android 9) and lenovo a2010 (android 5.1) .
But can’t install this app. Always showing the same error.

I guess it has to do with some large assets in your app or some extensions added. Without extra info there is no way of helping you.

We need to look at the Manifest, so decompile your APK, post the Manifest (or post the APK).

HaldiaMart (1).apk (5.9 MB)

share your apk here so that we can test you app for the same problem

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Can you show us what is your package name is?

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Downloaded & got the same error.

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HaldiaMart (1).aia (111.0 KB)

I shared the aia

try this apk (link updated)
(link valid for only 2 hrs)

What was the problem?

HaldiaMart (1).aia (110.9 KB)

i changed package name from haldimart to com.haldimart
is it working?

Problem found on your package name… Here is the SOLUTION