Can not sign into Google Play Games

Hi i can not sign in on google play games but when app is not pdated on Google Play i can… Why?

Have you enabled Anti-Privacy? - If yes then uncheck it for testing purposes.
Have you added the Google Account in Test Users? - If no then add the Google Account to Testers under Grow >> Play Games Service >> Set up and Management >> Testers on the Play Console.

Where do you mean anti privacy? Google? Kodular? I added testers and i do not know where i should uncheck it… Btw thank you for answer!

I am talking about this setting

I see… It is off

Can you send a video of what happens when you try to sign-in?


This is something that I have never reported, but I had discovered the bug a few months ago.

There is some glitch in the .Signed In Event, it gets called at times, at times it doesn’t.

I have adapted a workaround. After calling signIn, enable a clock timer.
In the Clock’s Timer event, use the Google_Play_Games.Is Signed In method to check if the sign in has occurred. If yes, then Get Player and set clock.timer enabled to false.

Meanwhile, you can keep the Get Player block in the .Signed In event.

Try this and let me know if it works.

Ok I will try it later and get u report thank you for now

Hello i am back sorry for delay (I was on holiday) i tried what u said and it does same thing… what now?

Can you share your new blocks?

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of course! There is also Timer.Enabled set on TRUE when button to sign in is clicked

Also added this:

and this on signin

These exactly are the blocks I use -


Try them now?
My else statement due to some other reason, that’s why I didn’t suggest it earlier. Also, SignIn is procedure because I call it from multiple places.


It is worse it just cant sign in and just see that message : you are signing in as… But 1384839191 times

You mean its stuck in a loop of sign in?

Is this block getting executed? i.e Label5’s text being set to your name?

No it is just trying sign in

Well… now I am confused.
I gave you all the possibilities and solution but still nothing works.

I really don’t have any more suggestions :grimacing:

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It is OK thank you for your help :grin: i hope it will work one Day :confused: btw is your Google Play games working?

I found next interesting thing… when i install app from apk (not Google play) it works…

Yes mine is working

On Google Play (internal testing) was it an AAB?