Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URIs

Hi … I need help
I am using Download layout Component and the URL from [Cloudinary]

But Iget this error message althought the link works perfectly on any browser on my mobile once is added it starts to download in chrome or normal browser
But in the app I get this error message

What shall I do? or What would be the error?

Error comes because download URL is disabled. Either disable call Download.Download or enable url

What are you trying to do? The extension that you use is for downloading an APK to the ASD (app-specific directory) and install it from there. Is this the case ?

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I want to open that download pdf file.

I had to save the downloded pdf in specific folder which is getting proper and is being shared but it is not showing in PDF Viewer … please help me

You are using Deephost in app pdf viewer extension which can only view pdf from download folder.

Use any other pdf viewer to view pdf files

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