Can only download http or https uri

I made an app for my educational institute and uploaded pdfs on google drive so that students can download it. I used kodular download component

Every time student clicks on download button image it shows an error can only download http/https uri.
I tried changing web url from my website to default google address everything worked perfect(only surfing) but whenever i tried downloading anything from it the error appeared.
I searched for this topic on community but didn’t find any satisfactory solution.
Please Help me with this!

You should set the downlod component properties before you call the Download method.

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these are the properties that i have set.
The download url is obtained by webviewer component(set using blocks mentioned above.

I mean, you should set the Downlod URL, and the Save File As properties, before calling the Downlod method.

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Thank you for replying!
I did as you said but here I can’t put a fixed download url because url will vary for different files.

You still set the Downlod URL property after calling the Downlod method, you have to move the set Download1 . Downlod URL before the Downlod method ( see the image above ).


Thank You!

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