Web View Download start condition not working!

Works fine for me with above blocks

is thjere no way to read pdf file without showing that above menus such as print etc?

Now it works it depends on internet.
But other files are not downloading like doc ,zip ,ppt etc

Oh i noticed now that you used my university’s circular section

very brave very brave :clap: :+1: :muscle:-:joy:

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I remember from another topic that you asked for that :slight_smile:

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what to do now??

Use download component for that in else section to download files

Like This :–

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Showing all this error :-

that means download component can only download files from url
What input method do you choose

I am clicking on url link

what is that url link can u share the first part of url does that contain https or http


are you sure the url is this ?
wait for others to help

O can i get properties of download component u have arranged

Try using extended webviewer extension

Set this

before start download

found the best block from old check point