How to download PDF file

How can I download this PDF file. This PDF file is viewed from Google drive using web viewer and extended web viewer


and dont use a extension by Deep host as per me because he does not supports his extension instead use this extension - CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer

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Also you Can Use The When On download Needed/Start Block to start the download using the kodular,s download component, But this only works when you/user click on the download button that is displayed on the web viewer or the web page

Demo Blocks
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Its sample to download pdf from google drive view document in web browser or web viewer.
No need extension.


In my sample label 1 is link file in google drive. And we need direct link download from gdrive (procedure in this sample). And set your download name to save file as in block download.

Cek ais to test sample project (3.1 KB)

error get direct_download

direct_download is a local variable so in order this to work you have to move your blocks below set direct_download

Hi, this block doesn’t allow me to download pdf file from webview…
It’s strange because months ago it worked but now not more.
If i use the test companion to connect, it works… but when i install the apk it doesn’t…
Can you help me to understand?