How do I solve the problem of downloading pdf files from Google Drive?

Hi, I have a problem and I want to solve it. I made an application that is a WebView and the application is a download of pdf files. I used a block from YouTube. It downloads files that are from Mediafire or anything else except Google Drive. When you click on the download button, it appears I have an unsuccessful download, and also if it downloads, it gives me a very small file size. If anyone has any blocks that work, even if they need permissions, please tell me about them, and thank you.

This might be because of the Google Drive virus check feature, see also here


No, this is not because Google Drive is checking for viruses. I can download from Google Drive, but the extension is .bin and the file is incomplete. I want a block for downloading files from Google Drive pdf

how did you set the SaveFileAs property?
also read here How to ask a question? and post a screenshot of your relevant blocks


This is the block that I found on YouTube, It is very necessary I want to solve this problem, because most of the files in WebView are Google drive, and as for save as file, I changed it to new file.pdf because all the files that are in my site are pdf, from Please tell me how to solve this problem and this is the first time I post a question here

Did you try a search in the community for this issue?

This thread seems to have a solution


I did not find a solution to my problem. I only have a problem with downloading Google Drive files. When I download files from any other site other than Google Drive, it downloads. As for Google Drive, when I download them, it shows me an unsuccessful and incomplete download. Please, I want a very urgent solution. This problem ruined everything in my app, thank you very much

It does not look like you tried this example


It didn’t work for me at all. I want you to modify the block. If there is an error in it, please. This problem has not been solved for three days. As you said, I want to download Google Drive files from WebView. My download works fine, but not With Google Drive, when I download from Google Drive, it’s completely different. I can’t download it. Please help me.

This is the aia file​:point_down::point_down:
WebView.aia (5.4 MB)

Hey , can you help me :pleading_face: please :pray: