How to enable download button

Cant download books from multicategory dynamic pdf app… All books are connected through google drive how to download… Kindly sugest me downloading blocks

There is a component named… download!

at Connectivity -> Download

How to creat block for this?

Hi, you can try to use custom web view extension:

Use this block , to indicate, that a download is needed by the web site:
With this block (CustomWebView):
To download the file the web site needs.
Set the url to the (OnDownload ) event url variable, mimeType: to the mimeType variable, content disposition to the ContentDisposition variable.Set the file name , downloadDir to your needs, something like : fileName = helloworld, DownloadDir = /storage/emulated/0/Download .

I have created multi category so how i will add url here…

set the url parameter to the url variable in the OnDownloadNeeded event, this url would be your file url , it changes according to your file url, which is going to be downloaded.

Can u send me block… Im new actually

Here you’re:
blocks (67)

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I did this and now its not showing my book only white screen is coming

You should use CreateWebView and then SetWebView methods, example:

Screenshot_2020_1008_004853 previous web viewer was working fine books were open perfect

See my post:

Im new this very hard to understand if u dont mind if i send u aia

Here is the blocks, i meant here:


Book is opening but still downloading not working… When i click to download… No response… Even not asking for the permission or any thing

You won’t get any respnse, just you will get your file downloaded, if you want a response you need to build how it works your self :wink You just need to change the file name to a real file name and not an empty string and change the download word to Download word, and you should your file downloaded.

Very hard to understand :frowning:

Summary : your file should get downloaded, but you won’t get any feedback after/before downloading.

Help me… :frowning_face: cant creat block my self its very difficult for me… Im new