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I have read in some posts that with the block “on download start” from the WebViewer, you can download pdf archives, but i dont know what blocks do i have to use to fill all the sockets.

Can anyone help me, please?

PS: Sorry for my english, it’a not my native languaje
PPS: My knowledge about Kodular is near to zero

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Yeah, use “On Download Start” block from Webviewer in conjunction with the Download component.

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Please look at this

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Remove all the forward backslash and find the word .png and use it as the filename

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This are the blocks I’m using by now.

But when y try to download a file, it gives back a runtime error <<can only download http/https url>> but the url is, in fact an https

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@sertelccoo You are using wrongly.
-Set download url to url of web viewer.
-Set save file name by removing backslashes from the url
-Set download title to filename
Now use download file

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But, does it means that I have to set the url of every pdf document aviable in my web?

Is there aney way to set the blocks to follow the links, whatever they are?

PS: Any links are PDF documents

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Do you want to open doocuments in your app something like chrome?

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Thats exatly what I need

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You can use @Deep_Host Custom Download Extension

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Done and working using the method of this post.

Thhese are the blocks

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You have to put an empty textblock on the initialize global block.

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Great, the warning stop showing. :slight_smile:

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