Can someone help me to create an aia file

i need some one to create a very awesome aia file like this or similar to like this in very a very simple manner just a app like whatsapp status app

Why dont you learn the basics and do it by yourself?!


can u suggest me best place to learn the basics

Just use the search function and type in “tutorials”.

Or use google and search there for “app inventor/kodular tutorials”

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One guess. And after you have your aia you will pump it full of ads and make some money. Right.

I recommend you to start with the basics instead of trying such app at the start.

BTW, community is to help with errors and problems. Not to get you readymade apps.

Try Starting with these basics by Pixii

Try to do it yourself.
If you can not then you can hire developers who can develop app for you.
If you want to do yourself then there are so many youtube channels they just need your search.Just search makeroid,kodular,thunkbale,appybuilder or something like this and you will find a lot of tutorials and youtube channels.

In this channel in pt-br, you’ll find great tutorials.