Can someone please help me?

I am a student and I don’t have money to buy premium i had made my project with more than 5 extension can someone help me to export this or can someone buy me or mod can help please :pleading_face:

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Hello :wave: I am happy to see to help you :blush: and buy 1 year plan for free if you describe what your project idea and what is way of earning and I make it available online and live in playstore

Silktune help smaller publisher for free

Check out our channel name sk brothers all in one and silktune devolopment

yes im making a whatsapp app fully like whatsapp but i need alot of extensions for that so i need premium i will not earn from that now but later like when my app gets download and all other things I will be thankful if you help me.

Do u want me to show u my half built WhatsApp app it’s design is not yet good but it’s working I can make it good when I get premium and add extensions