Can’t Export my app

Im not able to my export my app with qr code


Can you post a screenshot. This is unreadable.

It says "Build Failed… Timeout while fetching URL:[Url Here]

me too pls fix

There seems to be a buildserver problem. Please be patient.

Okey thanks for answer

Here’s a tip :
You can check in for status of Makeroid (obviously…)

The problem happens random when we have to much build requests at the same time.
We can do nothing.

We have a new provider since some days but it looks like he is not good enough for such many requests.

I guess you mean many. :wink:

Yeah :smiley: many and money is in these days the same :smiley:


Same problem. build failed. fethching timeout.


Yes still problem have

I am also facing the same issue. since 5 pm

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What is the solution for this ??

Be patient. :wink:


getting same error. cant get the apk. having patience :slight_smile: as well :smiley:

Just use companion test for now if you can

Again I can not export my app by qrcode, now it tells me that I exceed the 5mb limit. Until a few hours ago I could generate the QRcode, I only added a list in the blocks and nothing else. Does the same thing happen to others or have I really gone over the limit? I had 1mb of margin.

I have been patient for the past 13 hours and it’s not fixed? Now I am using thunkable and now that’s not working, what’s going on!

I love makeroid But there is a issue irritated me because its happening to me more than 22 hours i have to export my app. companion also not working
Dear admin please solve this
Regards. Rifthy

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