Can this block stop the app from crashing?

Hello Koders in one of my apps I have some more screen than 2 and when I open screen one and two sometime when the user wants to close the app, the app behaves like repeating the other previous opened but closed screens.

I decided to use these blocks to solve the solution but it looks like yet the problem is still there.

Please help me by showing me where am I doing wrong?

Sorry but we are koders.
It is a bit hard to understand what you want to say.
But if I am not wrong you are confused with multiple screens.
This can be helpful:
If you have more than 2 screens and you want to use ‘Screen1’ as manager screen then just use ‘open another screen’ and open desired screen ‘A’.
Now if you want to go back to previous screen (Screen1) then just close screen and you will be on main screen.

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Sorry. I mean that, after using the app and want to turn the app off, it is not then closing but it keeps opening the other screens which have already closed.

I have used the blocks to show how I have tried to close screen the open another on and the same method is used to sclose the app.

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… and so on!!
Do you think posting your problem in between every thread will deliver you a fast solution? @vknow360 already answered to you. Go back on your thread and check …


Hello @Boban it is like I was to understand this method but still I get confusion .
Maybe you could have shown the blocks as I have done here.
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Please see my blocks and then tell me where am I wrong!


@Boban I could have marked this as a solution if you could have show your block

Use only close application block to close the application.

Sorry @AvTaar but thanks for commenting though your method will not fit my current app see the blocks