Can use In App purchase Without Approval?

Can I Use In-App-Billing Component Without Ads Approval.:sweat_smile:
And If Yes, So How Much Commission Kodular Want. :thinking:

why without approval… is your app not correct??


No! My Application Is Tools App This App Create Stylish Fonts And Sticker And More…
But After Ads Request Kodular Say’s Low Quality App… Way Help Me Please… :confused::confused:

If your app was denied you can always try contacting Kodular for a newer review, but if you haven’t changed anything about your app I wouldn’t expect to much of that.

I’m not sure if it works without monetization approval, you can try though.

You do not need approval and we do not take any commission for in-app purchases.


If you don’t use ads, using in app purchase component would be free of commission. But it will charge you 8% while using ads.


And just to add in case of confusion, the commission would only be taken from ads not from the actual purchases.

And correct me if I’m wrong but the In app billing component uses Google play so the app would be on the play store right? Then approval would not be needed if it is published on the play store.

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