Can we add 2 spredsheet in single Screen ? if so.. how?

Hello Koder’s ,
i have search community for similar answer or questin but found nothing.

So, i have one app UP and successfully running on Play Store but now i am creating something like news app. and this time i want to display 2 airtable sheets in single screen.

like i want to show one spreadsheet in cardview / Slider and other one in listview with images.

but whenever i try to do this i am unable to do. i am not that good in coding and mixing logic but first app is simple so there is no technical thing i have done.

So, can we do that ? if so how ?

Post a screenshot of your blocks, what have you tried so far

thank you for your quick reply.
btw here are my blocks for my spreadsheet and its working fine to call that list with images.
but whenever i am adding second spreadsheet it is not working.
or there is something which i dont know to change or add.
i tried copying all things and adding with increasing values ( like image to image2) but thats also not working.

Certainly, this will work. If not working mean you need to check the api key, base id, table name once again. Any extra space unknowingly you left it or not. If not check up your airtable whether you have added any empty cells anywhere

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