Can we add this code to gradle?

I want to add the following code to Gradle hoping that the error will be solved.


  1. at dalvik.system.BaseDexClassLoader.findClass (
  2. at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (
  3. at java.lang.ClassLoader.loadClass (
  4. at (


defaultConfig {
minSdkVersion 14
targetSdkVersion // your version 

// Enabling multidex support.
multiDexEnabled true

dependencies {
  compile ''

Is there any way like making an extension? I searched the community for this error but I found the solution nowhere. Then I searched in google and found this code at Stackoverflow.

You can’t customize manifest or gradle with App Inventor.
You will have to manually edit it using any App Editor tool.

Can it solve the error?

Kindly share an apk and also tell where error occurs.

When and where is the error occuring?

To explain what this person is trying to do… They are trying to add multiDex support in an extension. However this is not possible because you need to edit the build.gradle that Kodular does not have.

It occurred to one of my unknown app user. I don’t have same phone to test. Full error details is;