Can we build face filter apps on kodular like snapchat filters?

Can we build face filter apps on kodular like tiktok filters, snapchat filters…

No i am not saying to edit the photo i want to know the automated filter that recognize the face and automatically set up like snap chat filters…

Can someone please tell me that i can make this type of app from kodular or not???


Sadly, not yet.
It requires facial recognition models and for that you need
TensorFlow Lite (which is not implemented yet.)

You could try a extension, perhaps.
:frowning_face: :frowning_face:


What do you think about Microsoft Image Recognizer (by Thunkable)?

I tried to creat an account for Microsoft image recognition . But required visa or mastercard​:disappointed:.

Ya but they will not charge you for anything unless you buy something premium.

Which extension is better for this??

You can trust on Microsoft but I am not sure about

Can you please provide me a link ?

Which link?

No card available :pensive:

Are you a student?

Well thats easy but for more flexibility use TensorFlow
Its a google framework, I myself have used TensorFlow but not Lite version

TensorFlow Lite

Yeah. I am reading in 12th class right now

Can you share an guide to how to use tensorflow lite

then you can get 200 bucks of credit for free

I dont have experience with Tensorflow Lite so I cant say I’m qualified to give advice
Try the website, there’s a guide there
(The tensorflow website)