Can we can remove "made with makeroid" message from about application in new version?

can we can remove “made with makeroid” message from about application in new version



but why … in thunkable we can do this

Yeah in thunkable you can do that.
But we are NOT thunkable.

Maybe you can do it in the future.

But not for now :slight_smile:


Our service is free FOREVER
We just need a way to “maintain” the service and that’s by adding that small string as an advertising way (you can always hide the top bar anyway)

I think we can
At the end of the “About” message, add <!--

But I will not do this ^^

That cheat doesn’t work on Makeroid :wink:


Ow, cool for you :sunglasses:

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Proudly so. :triumph:

A “Pro” (or rather, Premium) feature perhaps? :wink: :wink:

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It does, unless you removed it from the new one :thinking:

No it doesn’t; it never has.

I tested it and it does.

I just tested and it doesn’t. It was one of the first things we implemented. You can’t actually build an apk at the moment to test anyway…

*Cough Cough, Companion

It doesn’t matter if you remove it from that, you will be the only one that sees it…

Well see when the new Makeroid comes out :slightly_smiling_face:

Don’t you think @conor will know it for sure? :sweat_smile:

Even though it’s your product… Doesn’t mean you know everything about it :wink:

As if you can’t find any bugs, you ask people to help… Therefor you don’t know the product fully

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