Can we check internet speed ? Is there any way

Start with the calendar example to get the hang of the shell component. When you get started with that go and try the ping command as given in the topic on the App Inventor forum.

Ok i got it Little bit …ok thank you i will Try.

Try this with extension: com.KIO4_Terminal.aix

-c 1 means 1 packet


I always try to get the user active and learning instead of giving them the solution right away. I hope that way they learn something from the process. :wink:



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Did some quick block building and after using this

You get just the value you can use.

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This one also works for me

I don’t think the values behind the . are usefull so you can add a round block to get an integer.


But @Peter I don’t want to check the ping of google, how can I check the download speed and the upload speed??

Search on Google how you can do that on a Linux command line and see if you can transfer that into blocks like i did.

Maybe you can use Api for that.

Yesterday full day i searched for api but dint get a free api

Another Google find. Google is your friend.

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I just found this

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If anyone is willing to make an extension then this can be helpful:

May be you can do that :grin:

I have seen this website but its paid

The this one

I am seeing it

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I dont know how to convert it into blocks :worried:

Or You can try with Web component…
Using any website…