Internet speed issue


I created application.but my problem is here.
example -
i want load image from users.
issue- user internet is on but internet speed is not coming.

So how can i notify of users that his internet speed is not coming

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Maybe this block is useful:

first understand my issue.

user internet is on but internet speed is not coming.
like as - i have no internet pack
but my internet is on.
so definitely internet speed will be not come

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I think I understand you, I think the block I’ve mentioned above would return glass if there was no internet access, even if it is on, as I think.

and why are you storing it.
tag - network issue
value - slow internet speed

i am not understanding.
can you explain me.

You don’t need to store something, because the user may probably don’t have internet access, you may just check if isFastConnection before performing tasks that needs internet.

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ok thanks for your help

i am going for try this block.

My point is that… If you want to know that user’s internet speed with online database…

@Mohamed_Tamer right…
Yes thats the answer…

have you any answer ?
how can we use is internet connection block ?

i want that it block check internet speed every second.

how can i set this block for this issue.
please i am waiting.