How to set No internet connection notification

(Nep tech) #1

I want to show notification when here is no iternet on users app.i have tried with these blocks but app still shows url.please help me1

(Nikhil27B YT) #2

Here is your solution then call web_viewer 1


You are using wrong event block. Instead of when Notifier. After Choosing block use the when Notifier1.Got Custom Choose Dialog event block

For more information see my below reply on similar topic.

(Nep tech) #4

Im still not able to hide url using this block.would you please tell me whats wrong on my blocks.I tried many times but not succeed.


Try to arrange your blocks like this :point_down: . I have not tested them. So feel free to share the result :slight_smile:

(Nep tech) #6

its still not working


Can you upload your aia file here? Or you can also PM me the same if you want and I will have look at it when I am free

(Philipp Lang) #8

i worked with if green block with= and there i put in choice = retry then call checkconn.

With that the Notifier got costim dioalog works for me.

(Nep tech) #9

tryyfirebase.aia (2.5 KB)
this is my aia what’s wrong in this block please advise me



Try this :point_down:

tryyfirebaseEdited.aia (2.5 KB)