No internet connection!


I am making an apps…
i want to use an option that’s if user have not on network connection so when user will open apps then will be show please check your internet connection

please share…

Why don’t you look at the components instead of asking? And if you had searched the forum you would also have found an answer. I posted these images online a couple of days ago.

All the time that is needed to help users with questions they could have found themselves is keeping the developers from spending time on Makeroid. So please everyone, search before asking.




Yes i got the extension but i wanted the block,

Wel why didn’t you ask for that then? I posted the blocks, they are self explanatory.

where the block…


Try for yourself and if it doesn’t work come back.

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i tried from my side, actually i’m new for this reason i not expat.

kindly share for help me the block

Please show what you tried?



Try this.


Thanks a lot…

I tested Network component but its not work correct.Its just test is user connected to wifi or celluar data.So if user connected to wifi and this wifi do not have internet acces its return True for is connected block and its trigger On connect Event


Is it posible fix this? Can we check internet acces with this component?


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