Can we create a List View (Using Dynamic Component) which is splited on 2 columns

Hi Coders… Please enlighten…
I want to create a view where the Card View Component created above the screen (not above the Vertical Scroll Arrangement) is divided into 2 columns.
As picture attached…

picture above just an illustration/desing, i created not using Dynamic Component.

Yaa You Can Its Easy.
Step . 1 . Design your layout , how you want
Step. 2 . Use This Logic

Hi _E_89
Thank you for your response and guidance.
You are great, but I’m sorry I’m a beginner so I still can’t understand the logic you describe.
Can you explain it in more detail to a dummy like me.

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Yes i can explain… Its really simple

First we need to create a procedure

after declare a global variable for cardview id by joining the number variable and any text

what he has actually done that if the global number is divided by 2 then if the result is a not a complete integer (i.e 2.5, 4.5, etc) he determines it by implementing if the result contains a dot . means its not a complete integer then it will show it in arrangement 1 (F1_SLIDE)

else if result is a complete integer (2,4,5 etc) it will show in arrangement 2 (F2_SLIDE)

Hi Akshat…
Thanks for your detail explain…
Step 1 : I Have design my layout, like _E_89 said…
before going to step 2.
Is my step 1 (layout design) correct?

Use only one card view and use dynamic components extension for this

Oooh OK,
How about placing my horizontal arrangement (HA) and vertical arrangement (VA).
Is it already correct… ?
2 VA side by side over 1 HA

first take an horizontal arrangement

in that add 2 vertical arrangement for column 1 and column 2 respectively

Oooh OK…
I will try to make a block according to your explanation and guidance from _E_89.
And I will share the results to get further directions. Thanks.

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refer too from here

Hi Gowri SankaR…
Thank you also for your advice…

I have completed the block, and have managed to set up the layout using dynamic components as I expected.

Thanks to all of you who have helped resolve the issue I was facing.

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