Can we get Custom Listview like Android Studio?

Hello Team @KodularCreator can we get custom listview like Android Studio. Where we can customize our list views component just by passing an Arrangement as an Arguement.

Want attention @Diego @Mika

P.S - sorry for mentioning in first post

why not use colintreelistview ?

Does it provides the same feature that I want ?:thinking:

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Thanks man :heart_eyes:

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I support people, who are not unfriendly. I hope you find that what you need. A guy in a other forum made a upfate for that extensionl, SO you can now use a ican as extra button. Ask me if you need that,

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Sure… want that

cn.colintree.aix.ColinTreeListView.aix (49.7 KB)

This should be that version what have the option to set the extra button to an icon(image)

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