Can we know how Kodular staff process the updates

I want to know that how Kodular staff process any update. Like after finding solutions do they need approvals of someone to release the patch?

Why Kodular Staff Take too much time to release any new update?

Why there is no Follow updates like when Some services like admob, Facebook are upgrading there SDK then Kodular should follow there updates and release patches for users But in Kodular we get these updates after 3-4 months

I seen Many Extension Developer are Selling extensions of Kodular before Kodular release any update. Recently I seen Facebook Audience Network Extensions, some people are selling for very cheap cost.

I mean why it’s happening. No follow updates , No quick Releases for bugs, No Quality Support.

Kodular staff just increasing The Commission and finding way to Make much income from the platform.

Kindly Focus on your users.


Which one is it?

I guess you don’t know how complex a piece of software like Kodular is. Kodular devs explained that it took them more time then they wanted. And maybe you don’t know but Kodular devs have lives outside of Kodular also. They work and study and spend their free time on developing Kodular.

I guess you are a little frustrated. I understand that. I sometimes get that also when i have to wait a long time. But it doesn’t help the situation.

Devs won’t work any harder when users keep complaining about things. Maybe their motivation to work on Kodular could change and we certainly wouldn’t want that to happen, do we.


How you know that I don’t know how “complex” it is?

Spend Their “Free Time” to develope Kodular, I thought Kodular is a Business that why I said that staff should focus on users to run the buisness properly and smoothly… since staff are spending free time in it so I understood the reason of delayed updates

And you are mentioning my Google Ad Manager Post … well they both are different topics…

You expressing that thought to be a real thing is not gonna make it come true any more than it isn’t. Kodular is a hobby, not a business. And I’m sure if it was a business, updates would come faster… but you can understand that people lose motivation when people are pressuring them, or as Peter puts it – complain.

Which is why we don’t complain, great point Peter!

You can’t “kindly” focus on your users if you’re not interacting with them in a “mean” way. Plus, you just joined the community not to long ago, give it some time.

They need to make sure it works first, and that takes a while considering the input needed. If you’d rather run into errors building your project, you’re welcome to go elsewhere!

Refer to my previous answer.

App Inventor is, I guess you could say, is an “open market.” Even if it’s already made, you can still make it. Even if it’s made, you can make it and decide to sell it, but the free competition will almost always win depending on the timing of the release of the extension. Just because it’s already made doesn’t mean Kodular can’t have it, there were many cases where Kodular added components derived from extensions, such as “donated” extensions.

Some extension developers don’t provide quality support, but we’re not creating whole topics about them are we?

If you don’t like it, leave. It’s their platform, they can do whatever. It’s not free to run servers for thousands of people. Don’t build “professional” applications with a drag-and-drop block builder.

Have you ever thought about the possibility that they’re burned out? This week I’m burned out, and I’m taking a break, let them be. Give them time.

Fixes also have to be implemented, I’d rather have them do a batch of bug fixes then release a new update… Not fix one bug then release a new update.

Although I do dislike we’re not getting status updates as often as before, we’re not at any level of importance to be given status updates every nanosecond of the day.

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I appreciate your support toward Kodular :slightly_smiling_face:

I Appreciate your answers but take it easy I just Asked questions to Kodular staff I am not “demotivating” them.

I am using kodular since it was known as makeroid.

Its my choice whether I leave or not so don’t suggest me what to do. If I feel comfort using kodular then I will stick with it but in future if I will not want to use Kodular then I can leave happily there is no rude things in it.

And If I want to explain my post in one sentence … then " I Am Just Asking Questions To Kodular Staff"

I am not complaining anything If you will look my first post … I just asked questions that “why it’s happening”. And if I complained then it doesn’t mean I am “demotivating” devs.

If any moderator/user can’t give proper answers so don’t take it rudely you can leave the post as it is.

By giving unrelated answers no one can change reality.

I am going to close this. If devs want they can always post an response on a closed topic.

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We almost always schedule a smaller bug fix update a week or so after the release of a major update. This helps us use the feedback we receive from the Community in handling bugs and edge cases that may not have shown up during testing.

Releasing a new version of the Creator is a long process in itself, with us having to update several parts of our ecosystem that work cohesively to provide you a smooth development experience. It thus makes little sense for us to release an update for every bug fixed, which is why we wait till a majority of issues are solved.

You can expect a similar process for this release as well.