Can we make Dictionary App with Kodular?

I have been requested by some friends to design Dictionary App for our own Dialect , which till today no one has launched or made Dictionary App in our own dialect , so if this kind of features are available so I may first introduce amongst my People … So please kindly give me suggestion if it is possible … Thank You

Yes,You can.

Check list of list and examples its help you alot.

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That doesn’t help. Except the one answer yes in your reply. You’d have to use a widely used Database Service, like Air Table, Firebase, maybe Redis Cloud Server and you’d need every word in English there like Google does.


I think SQLite or MySQL will be more reliable in this case. Though, Airtable is also a good choice.


I don’t see why not. There are many ways to do it. The easier is just use others websites as source when the user make a search at yours. You search at website 1, if the word isn’t find there, search at website 2 etc

Or you can create your own database, or copy the database of another website or may be there is some website or forum where you can get a huge database for a few bucks or even for free. Then you can do as Nathan and Shreyash said and use your own database

I had a website of dictionary about 10 years ago. Back then we used to copy the database of others websites (it was easier then, don’t know if it is that easy nowadays) and when the user searched for a not existent word we saved it and added the meaning to the website later (looking at real dictionary or searching on Google in case of slang words

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The best way is that you can use a Web API.
Whenever the user checks that word then you can request the API for the meaning and then post it to the user.
Search Google for APIs.

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Thank You all for your suggestions , but I need the person who have ever did …

You want suggestions or someone to develop it for you?
If it is the second choice, how much do you pay?

I just want to know from the Person who has already Developed and Got an Experience . Actually I was seeking Confirmed Answer of My Question … definitely you all have answered but that was different ways to do . This reason I am asking whether you have develop before ?

If nobody developed it yet then it’s a great opportunity for you to build one… Why don’t you try it by yourself. This way you learn more.

How to do it. - use Google api and json tools for that.

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