Can we merge multiple extensions?

Weird question but, can we merge 2 or more extensions into one? If yes, how?

Short answer: maybe.

Long answer: it depends on whether the source code is open source, the libraries that the extension use, and a lot of factors.

  • The first thing you should think of is if the extension is open source.

    • For some (maybe a lot) of extensions, the extension developer is kind enough to provide you with the extension. The extension developer may attach it in the community post in a TXT/JAVA file, or they shared a link to the file in GitHub. You must ensure both extensions allow you to do so.

      Now, think if the extension developer allows you to do so. Extension developers usually have a license for you to refer to. In GitHub, if they attached an MIT License, that means you can freely redistribute and remix the extension. However, some licenses only allow you refer to the extension and no remixing. This comes to a dead end.

    • If you cannot find the source code of the extension, this would be a dead end. You can, practically, decompile the extension, but you will have to face legal consequences (filed a case, suspended, etc.) if you choose to go to this extreme.

  • If you survived part 1, you will also need to see what libraries they use. If the extensions are using the same libraries, watch out. There may be conflicts with the libraries, e.g. the first extension is using a later version of the library that has a specific function removed/deprecated. If so, you most likely cannot fork the extensions anymore.

  • There may be a list of more factors that I cannot list here, but you also have to try yourself and see if this works.

I also strongly discourage you to merge the extensions unless you are clear what you are doing. Make sure you know Java well, follow the guidelines, etc.

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So you can’t

You got it

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You can ask to extension developers if they are interested in collaborating or not.

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