Can we put ads in a Browser (Not where the webview is)

I have a doubt if I put ads on my browser it violates the policy of AdMob and Kodular, but what if I put ads like in settings screen or other, but not around the web view, I hope it will not violate the policy. Is it legal to do so??

Most of the browsers have ads but not around the webview ex:- uc browser, opera etc.

Did you use brave browser its best with more features like ads blocking and finger protection but they don’t show ads on app on any screen.
So your browser is so simple then why you want to show ads on that make it simple and for setting screen did you have enough content for getting ads on that.

Your talking about my old browser, my new browser has almost 65% features like a chrome browser, which I am making it from 3 months.
So according to your post it means I can put ads but not around the webview right??

according to me you can’t.
Now google provides ads for both (adsense & admob) only on contentfull app or website not on setting screen and more

Ok so you mean my browser should have enough content to show ads, I will not put ads in settings but somewhere else.

The short answer is no

The short question is why?

Opera do not use admob to show ads

Opera browser uses native ads to show ads between articles and this is not possible in :kodular:

I have seen Admob policy, its nowhere written that no to use ads in browser, platforms like Appsgeyser allow to put AdMob ads in them, a few days ago I saw some very simple browser made in appsgeyser and ad filled app, I used appsgeyser, so this means it doesn’t violate policy right?

Then why you posted it in :kodular: community

I used it before 2 months

Just i aksed a doubt, why because i am making app in kodular

If you only want to show ads and earn revenue then make such apps on which you can show ads without any problems, sell digital products through in app purchases.

If any how you managed to show ads in your browser app and suppose it got suspended or your AdMob got suspended then what will you do?

So, I suggest you to go according to policies of Ad networks and make your content better with quality apps.

With quality apps, you can earn better revenue.


Yes you can.The only thing you can’t do is to earn from other’s website.Except that you can do everything unless they follow Admob Policies (if you are publishing app on Play Store) and Kodular (if not publishing app on Play Store).
But remember that Kodular does not approves Browser apps.

I will use my 2nd AdMob account in risky case of suspension :grinning: :joy: :joy:

Check out the section about Framed Content in Behavioural Policies

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Your right, i will directly upload to play store instead of kodular ads approval

Link please, its difficult to search