Can we solve player slider duration in dynamic component?

Hello Koders I am working on my one of my chatting apps which I want to add a feature for slider duration in dynamic component everything working fine in my app but the problem is with only slider duration
Before you take at a look on my specific blocks for Player Slider Duration Kindly take a look on the container from Dynamic Component

Now take a look on my specific blocks what I am doing with the result output error I get…!
:point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

Its output is this

The above block doesn’t seem to work completely

This block seem to work but not as expected because the slider follows the seconds only and not the duration!

I expected this block to be a solution and solve the problem but for real it turns to a great error because the slider ends up to the end and doesn’t follow the duration player

Then this is its output :point_down: :point_down: :point_down:

I will appreciate if someone helps me to solve this

SetProperties and SetProperty block only should be used as fallback when there is no setter function for the component, (for example, you can use SetProperty block for setting “HTMLFormat” on a Label, because there is no available block in the Label for doing that, however you don’t need SetProperty block for setting “FontSize”, because you can already change it from blocks)

SetProperty block may not handle all types of values (numbers, strings etc - even though I added support for some types, it is still not perfect). So, I recommend using component’s own setter, which is more reliable.



Thank you @yusufcihan for this valuable response regarding your Dynamic Component aix’s support

I thought that those SetProperty’s support you added would work with all numbers, strings etc!

But I have tried that component’s own setter but yet not working please what am I doing wrong?

Please can you try it from your end to see if it works for you?

Hello @yusufcihan did you mean this?

Trying your recommendation but yet it is a challenge and nothing works for me!

Shall there be any alternative ?

Now, after trying more than uncountable times and it almost took me more than 6 hours I have then solved the Slider Duration in Dynamic Component

Take it as a solution if someone faces the same error, the solution is simple as you can see I have to set the Max Value to Explayer Duration

Only that block solved everything :point_up: :point_up: :point_up:
Then see the output :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: is it simple right? But for sure this took my time more than 6 hours :rofl: :joy:

Thank you koders

Yeah, I already added some types, but it is not perfect.

Glad you have found the solution, sadly component’s own behaviors created by Dynamic Components is out of my scope, so I couldn’t help well.

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But yet I find that it works without error, or do you mean that on some Android Devices is not working?

No, I mean dynamically created components doesn’t have any properties at the first. When you add a component, say like a Label to the Designer, it gets some default properties in the Designer, like text color which you don’t require to set to black, because it is already black by default in Designer, however, for dynamically created components, you need to also set these default/common properties to make components work, in this case, a Label may not be visible unless you set a color. So, it is out of scope of what this extension for.

Ok,I now understand and get the point.
Thanks in advance for clarifying this

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