Can we use 1 Spreadsheet component to get cell deta from 2+ tabels at a time?

i have 6 tables in my AirTable
i want that when button one clicked ,call spreadsheet1 to get cell.
in this case should i have to use 6 airtable component to get data from each table?
and by using 6 component can it cause any problem or error in app(because already i have a lot of components in my app)?
i found a way to get all tabels data by just on component
but i dont know how to get data for 2+ tables by using this way i cant only get 2 tables data
and i cant use the if the else block bcz i dont know what the url is!
so i cant use the if get value = (rendom url) then do.
do any one of you know how to do that
else i have to set 6 airtable component.
thank you

What you have showed in this block is absolutely not possible. Instead you can use another spreadsheet. Else think in different way.

Use some index number and try, not sure how for it will work. How we call for multiple column the same manner you try it

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i already have 5 air table component, and now 6 more component, is is safe?

There is no limit I think, but the speed will reduce… why don’t I think n someother way there to reduce the number of spreadsheets…

If you show the airtable and logic mean, we can suggest you an simple way, if exist…

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ok i have an application like online wallpaper
in that application there is a section of category where i have total 6 category, for each category i have 1table.
now i want to display the first image of every table to there category button
as you can see below i have a category arrangement of gaming so the background image of gaming arrangement shoud be the first image of table “PRINT” and this continue to all other 5 arrangements .

and where there is no URl then the background will be as it is (gray)

If any of your table with null value mean the. Remaining process won’t work. All the table must be filled with value. That is the primary condition while you use airtable.

In the above block you have given 4 picture, so in that 4 picture , images of first image form each table have to display. If we think, it is easily achievable only I think. But none should be empty

It will be very helpful for me if you show the way to get first image from each table by just using on component :heart: and ill make sure that all of my table must be filed

Ok. Let me think about it

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How do you show the images, using dynamic or image block?
I retrieved the url of the different table at a time

Using dynamic component

@C.J , sorry for late reply. I had personal issue. Ok, see, i have tried like this.

Required conditions.
I am having 4 tables.
In first table1, i have listed all the remaining tables name
I set column name common in all the 3 tables.

This is the block, I downloaded first cell images from 3 tables.
(If i am wrong please correct me, also if anyother known way exist with minimum blocks mean please let us all know experts)

See the app response below,

My airtable



Thank you soo much for this efforts
Iam bit confused about that JSON ustlis.
Can uh give me any link of json soo i can understand better

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Please send me personal message. Because it is hard to find the direct link for that extension


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