Can we use Chatbox to chat with with multiple people at a time

I wanted to make an app using chatbox where more than one people can chat, like this forum, that people can chat and help each other and anyone using the app can join the coversation.

if so, please guide me, any help would be great.

Please search the forum. :pray: There are many topics related with chatview.


I want chatbox like that in PUBG world chat (if you know) where any user can chat. is it possible

First try something on your own and then if you got stuck on anything, we are here to help.

I have made an app where two users can chat, i am wondering where anybody can join

As I said, search the forum.

Its simple just make the chats public look this chat will be joined by anyone right then all you have to do ismake a chatview and any user can write the chat database ok then if user send message just join the users username and the text and show the message like

username : Message

or you can first check the length of the username and then split the username and message it will be very tricky but you can try this