Can we use "No Licence" labled images on our app?

Currently i am making wallpaper app and i am searching for copyright free HD wallpapers ,
& found some best wallpapers on which are labeled as no license.
Can i use them in my app ?

And please provide some copyright free wallpaper website if you know .

Why not ask on that website?

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But they doesn’t have community :frowning:

It says at the bottom of the startpage:

© 2013–2019, WallpapersCraft

This means copyrighted material. Free for personal use but you have to contact them to ask for permission to use in an app.

I guess they “stole” a lot of the images from other sites. Clicking on source takes me to the original site in some cases.

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In that case pictures from WallpapersCraft are also free to use. Pexels says:

Legal Simplicity, photos on Pexels can be used for free.

That is not ‘stealing’.

But not all come from Pexels. And stating there is no license is a very cheap excuse that they didn’t do their job. With these images you could also get in trouble. Also stating there is no copyright but the images itself show copyrighted content.


Also check and make sure to include the author credits.


Thank you sirs i have collected more then 100 images :wink:

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