Can you create a list view with two texts on opposite sides?

like this


note: I used two side-by-side listviews, but obviously they scroll separately, and I don’t want that to happen :confused:

On the documents section, there is a lesson about dinamic components.
They teach how to make a list with dinamic card views, nd other dinamics components. You can do similar stuff, using a cardview, and two labels, one align left, and the other aligned right, and making them clickeable. Then you’ll have a custom listview just with kodular components.

you can send the link ?

Using dynamic components you can align vertical only not horizontally currentlylet me think and test if got solution then i share

that is still under progress for dynamic components

I figured out two ways to do maybe add something knowledge to you guys

first form

second form


That’s the idea that i was talking about. Nice!

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