Can you help me about list app

Hello, I want to make an application related to the list. When I click on any of the list, it shows the image and details of what is written in the list. Please help me with this.

Welcome to the community. What have you tried so far ? I’m sure that if you search :mag: the community you will find a lot of examples using either Kodular’s List View component or List View with image component or using extensions like ColinTree ListView

Better you can search in community.

  1. On clicking the list, get index of the clicked item from the list
  2. With the index value try to show other item from the any list using the block select list item list.

To know how to know the index of clicked item refer our community or further blocks of the component you are using to show the list

Screenshot 2021-10-13 152731
Put whatever you want to do in this!

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