Can you really create an open-source app with Kodular?

A few weeks ago, I changed my signature to this:

Open Source means software freedom!

But now, my statement about keeping this as my signature in the Community, has changed.

So, can you create an open-source app?
This may seem weird, but after thinking of it for a while, my answer is

Probably no

Why? I will explain, just follow me.

According to Wikipedia, the definiton of “Open Source Software” is the following:

Open-source software (OSS) is a type of computer software in which source code is released under a license in which the copyright holder grants users the rights to study, change, and distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.

The keyword here is distribute. When you release your code under an open-source license, you grant access to everyone to the rights written in the definition of Open-Source software, including but not only to re-release the source code.
It means, you publish the source to a dedicated platform, like :github: GitHub, claiming the source code is yours, and you have all the rights to distribute it.

Here is the problem:

You just don’t

have the rights to do it.


First, if you ever looked at the source code of Kodular, for example with Chrome’s or Firefox’s developer tools, at the top of all, you will find a nice ASCII-style Kodular logo. Yeah, it is fancy, but that is not the thing what we’re looking for.


Noticed the line below the icon? It says

Copyright 2018 Kodular. All rights Reserved.

All rights are reserved, for Kodular. And it is not just the builder interface itself, it is also meant for the code of the builder, including the components.
And how could you make an app without any components? No, there is no way for that!!

That is my point. When you release the source code, including the components, you break Kodulars rights. Also, the app contains their build code, their Firebase Crash report code, and a lot of more things.

So, releasing an open-source app legally seems impossible

Kodular has also seen to aggressively act against decompilers (ProKoders know about this more), with encrypting their source code to the masses.

Important to mention, this is not a problem with other builders, like AppyBuilder and AI2, because they are open-source. (Okay, Thunkable is not, but who uses :thunkable: these days? )

What do you think? Let your voice be heard! In the comments, everyone can express their opinions, from

s to individuals, but most importantly, it would be cool to have an official statement about this, from the team.

Sincerely, Daniel


I found something about this topic:

By creating and storing apps on the Kodular Creator server you represent and warrant that you are the owner and creator of the apps, (i) that you have the authority to authorize Kodular to store the apps on the Kodular Creator Server and (ii) you will use the apps in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You, and not Kodular, are solely responsible for your apps and your use of them.

Kodular has no proprietary rights in the apps you create with Kodular Creator. These apps belong to you. Your apps are stored on the Kodular Creator server. You have the right to download your apps and delete them from the server at any time. If you delete an app, there is the possibility that Kodular may be able to continue to access it from the backups we keep for purposes of system maintenance, but these backups are periodically purged and are not designed for long-term preservation. Kodular will strive to keep your apps and your account accessible to you for as long as you wish, but we have no obligation to do so, and Kodular has no liability for the consequences of the service becoming unavailable or your apps becoming unavailable. We therefore strongly suggest that you maintain backup copies of valuable apps at places besides the Kodular Creator server.


But other than that – it does not mention anything, and it is weird, that it only mentions those rights, like if you had only those.

The AIA is the source code. Just because it is a block based, does not mean it is not source code.

So if you distribute with your AIA blocks, you are compliant. (Each extension you use will have its own terms for redistribution)

There are over 30 commonly used “Open Source” licenses in use today.

Appy Builder has shared its raw code for their blocks, so you can dive deeper if you want.


Thought something like that too – thanks for the reply!

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Well you did call me out on it @Daaniiieel . :slight_smile: . Any time my friend

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