Can you run lottie from file loaded?

I want to do is fetch a link through firebase and then download and upload it as the real lottie jason and then run from that file is it possible to do that
mp.aia (79.3 KB)

This is the project file and a picture of the blocks, knowing that the plan failed. Is there a solution to fix this plan if it was already working?

Is it necessary for you to download the Lottie? If no, you can try loading lottie directly from the URL!
blocks (12)

Through the link, it will work through the Internet, and this is what I fear
I want her to work without internet

if you want that, then you have to download the JSON file and upload it to your asset.

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What I want to know is if lottie source is able to read json file loaded from loader and stored in tndb

Another method is this but i haven’t tried it.
instead of uploading the JSON in cloudinary- cloudinary returns the value as a link which we want to avoid. why not upload the filepath directly to firebase and get the value then store it in Tiny_DB.

this method won’t work

use this extension with your blocks above :

FileTools : Some tools to work with files

After custom download complete it returns the filepath not the exact JSON file so you need that extension.

Thank you for your interest in helping me.
Sorry, but I don’t understand very well, can you explain to me more with your permission?
I mean which blocks do I use from this extension and how do I line them up

use this block

use it along with this to get the file name:

Well, I am using the phone and I cannot and does me to implement these blocks now when I return home I will try it.
For the record, I am getting the json link via firebase, will these blocks work with that?
thank you

When I want to change lottie after downloading the app on playstore can I do that with these blocks

Was the download tool canceled when using this extension and these blocks, or did I keep it? I mean, does it still have a role in the function or not?

Yes it will, that implies the app will keep downloading file from firebase in order to display the JSON.

Yes, since you’re fetching it from firebase.

it does have a role, just keep it.

There is a problem that the download extension is not working well.
Because I did the last json file that I downloaded from this extension and added it in a folder in kodular and running lottie and it didn’t work

can you show your blocks

You didn’t follow what i asked you to do.

How did you store the JSON. i load the link in my browser and i got this error

The image “” cannot be displayed because it contains errors.](

Well can you tell me exactly where to put these blocks because I don’t know where to put them

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