Can you take a photo from the app without saving it in the gallery?

I am making a photo capture application and it saves them in new, but a copy is made in the gallery and I don’t want that to happen, I tried different extensions of cameras and also with a preview of the camera in the app and taking a capture, but When the capture is taken, the preview image is not visible, do you have any solution so that the photo is not saved in the internal memory? Thank you

After capturing picture, you can copy it to asd and delete the original picture.

but how would i do that? I have to save the photo so that it can be viewed in the app, but I understand that once the photo is saved in the gallery, I can’t delete it from my app, or can I?

You can delete.
You need a File Manager extension.

However, you need to delete photos only for Android versions < 10.

I had not thought about that, I will try, thank you very much, you helped me a lot

Yes of course.

Why? How about the File component.


Above versions require you to save files in ASD and private storage dir so they don’t get scanned by Media Scanner.

That can also be used.
But that would require unnecessary write permission.

Unclear, and what does this have to do with the Android version?

WRITE permission are required anyway to take / save photos.

I mean, can gallery/photos access files stored in ASD of apps?

Alternatives do exist. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes, but …

So it is quite confusing for the user what is being talked about here.

Yes maybe, but seems like @Carabajal2001 understood that. :blush:

I doubt that, because if photos are to be stored outside of the ASD first, then WRITE permission is required in any case.

Yes, but we can’t do anything there, without using an extension which saves photos in ASD.

E.g. this from @Xoma :

Yes I understood, yesterday I was doing tests and with a file explorer I succeeded, but if it asks you for permissions to access the storage, only with a couple of blocks I could do it perfectly, but I don’t know exactly what you are looking for …

I’m not looking for anything, just wanted to help. If your problem is already resolved, let us know your solution so we can learn …

and show how you have taken this advice into account / implemented:

However, it actually doesn’t make any sense.

No, this applies to AI2 but not Kodular and will only become relevant when Kodular targets Android 11 (Aug 2021).

what I was looking for was to be able to take a photo, to later upload it to cloudinary, and my problem was that I did not want it to be saved in the internal storage of the phone, I did not understand that about android <10 but I downloaded an extension of pure life of explorer of files and these are my blocks, I tried it on a cell phone with androdid 6.0 and it worked well
blocks (3)

It should not work, unless the file is very small.
Since Upload method is asynchronous so TaifunFile.Delete with delete it just after picture is taken.

You should wait for uploading to be completed and then delete the original picture.

Neither do I (so you were right to ignore it - at least until the end of July 2021), and as @vknow360 said, move the delete block to the Cloudinary.MediaUploaded event.

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