Cannot accept the arguments empty string, 2

im having a problem in my app pls help me in this
koduular.pdf (248.1 KB)

Before doing any calculation make sure, the text boxes contain a value

You can attach the images in the topic just by clicking the attachment symbol… instead why do you add it as pdf??

Also see your blocks On button click… you made calculation with empty global variables. Before calculation you must define the number first. Use multiple if block ti find out whether the text box is empty or not. If empty alert user , else go for calculation… but your logic is totally disturbed the apo. Arrange it properly.

can you explain what i need to replace?

on buttom block, in all the set global variable block remove thre get global variable and replace it with concern text box text block.

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thank you it it is working :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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