Cannot call dynamic component id by using for each "item" in list block

Halo Guys,

I want to call my dynamic component list view by call id with some numbers in “filteredList” list using looping block of “for each item in list” but my dynamic component won’t appear. Is it mean the id for calling dynamic component must be number type? Whereas, my data in the list is a number, but the data is inputed by spinner. How to call the dynamic component in this case? how to change string type on spinner to number type?


Move set global filtered list to create an empty list in the beginning … With your blocks after populating the list you set it to an empty list


Hi @riadaska
Actually i have initialize the variable as picture below. I make it like that in order when i change selection of my spinner, the list clear first before it change with new one

I really wonder, how why the spinner just can the selection value into string rather than numbering